So this is a casual outfit I've created. consisting of a  Led-Zeppelin Vest from Urban Outfitters, paired With a pair of Top shop   folded ankle jeans. For shoes I've just gone same old with a pair of 1461 Dr marten shoes. 
This was the outfit I wore to head into town center with. It's a Sunny day Ware for us Brits However I've till pared it with relatively thin black tights as like I said It's the British weather were talking about. 
These are a pair of studded D.I.Y shorts and a Suicide Silence  band T-shirt from a favorate store of mine called PULP.
Ok so I've gone really heavy on the liner, I guess that's just me but I like it. I'm wearing a Black leather Jacket, and I grey High low top with a Skull Hear No evil, Speak No evil, Hear no evil. As you can also See I've gone Au Natural with my hair as I have no extensions in. I've tried to create a 60's up-do hair style with a black bandanna. 
On the bottoms I've gone for Acid wash skinny jeans, and my shoes I had on 1469 Dr Marten boots.